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Technical characteristics and maintenance requirements of stainless steel ball joint rod ends
Oct 29, 2018

Since the structure and working mechanism of the stainless steel ball joint rod ends are completely different from those of the rolling bearing, the stainless steel ball joint rod end has its own technical characteristics and maintenance requirements. For example, its allowable operating temperature is mainly determined by the mating material between the sliding surfaces of the bearing, especially the sliding surface of the plastic material of the self-lubricating stainless steel ball joint rod end, and its bearing capacity will decrease at high temperatures.


Secondly, the inclination of the stainless steel ball joint rod end is much larger than that of the generally adjustable rolling bearing, which is suitable for use in the support portion where the concentricity is not high; and also with the size, type, sealing device and support form of the bearing structure. different. In any case, the selected fit of the stainless steel ball joint rod end shall not cause uneven deformation of the ferrule, and the matching property and grade selection shall be determined according to the working conditions such as bearing type, support form and load size.


The loading and unloading of the stainless steel ball joint rod end should follow the principle that the force applied by assembly and disassembly cannot be transmitted directly through the spherical sliding surface. In addition, auxiliary loading and unloading tools, such as sleeves, detachers, etc., should be used to directly and uniformly apply the loading and unloading force applied by the outside to the ferrule to be fitted, or to perform load-free loading and unloading by an auxiliary method such as heating. When the load is generated and the speed of the oscillating motion is small, the stainless steel ball joint rod end can be operated without lubrication. However, in general, it is necessary to replenish the oil regularly.



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