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Metric rod ends used in joint bearings on the notice
Jan 17, 2018

Metric rod end, which can be used in bearings, such as metric rod end of the joint bearing, is the metric rod ends used in the joint bearings, resulting in a bearing type. And it's metric-annotated to know its exact specifications.


Metric rod end of the spherical plain bearings, which are used in the selection, there are some precautions, which is:

Matter 1: What is the requirement on the use of the bearing, and the specific requirements on its dimensions and specifications?

Matter 2: Rod rod metric metric rod ends, whether there is a requirement, because it involves the size of the width of the mounting bracket.

Matter 3: Also consider the size of the screw hole, because it will affect the jacket strength, and bearing rotation angle of these two aspects.

Item 4: Take into account the cost of metric rod end bearings because of the specific aspects of its construction budget.


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