A forging is an object to which a metal is pressed to shape a desired shape or a suitable compressive force by plastic deformation. This power is typically achieved by using a hammer or pressure. The forging process creates a refined grain structure and improves the physical properties of the metal.
The forgings have a stretchable length, a collapsible cross section. The types of forgings are: free forging / hand forging, hot forging / precision forging, upset forging, roll forging and die forging. Forgings are made of high-strength, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys and other precious materials.
Forgings have a wide range of applications in petrochemical equipment. Such as manholes and flanges of spherical storage tanks, various tube sheets required for heat exchangers, forging cylinders (pressure vessels) for butt-welding catalytic cracking reactors, barrels for hydrogenation reactors, fertilizers The top cover, bottom cover, and head required for the equipment are forgings.
Compared with other processing methods, forging processing has higher production efficiency. It eliminates internal defects in parts or blanks. Forgings have good shape and dimensional stability and high comprehensive mechanical properties. The biggest advantage of forgings is good toughness, reasonable fiber structure and small change in properties between forgings.
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  • Axial Forging

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    Axial Forging

    Axial Forgings support bearing parts (gears, pulleys, etc.), transmission torque, load bearing, and ensure that the workpiece or tool mounted on the spindle has a certain degree of rotation accuracy.Read More

  • Forging Pulley

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    Forging Pulley

    Forging Pulleys are part of the hub type, generally relatively large in size, and the manufacturing process is generally based on casting and forging. Generally small in size, it can be designed for forging and the material is steel.Read More

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