Stainless Rod Ends Bearing

Stainless Rod Ends Bearing

The rod end joint bearing is a joint bearing equipped with rod end or mounted on the rod end, it belongs to a class of joint bearing. Joint bearing is a spherical plain bearing, and is basically made up of an inner ring and outer ring with spherical sliding contact surface. Joint bearing is...


Product Description

Our rod end bearings with steel/steel or steel/copper sliding contact surfaces require maintenance.

Steel/steel rod ends are composed of rod end blocks and standard steel/steel radial spherical plain bearings, with the outer ring fixed to the bearing block. These rod ends can be equipped with:

1. Female and male threads.

2. Female thread with groove shape (hydraulic cylinder special series)

3. Welded shanks with cylindrical or rectangular sections.

Steel/bronze rod end bearings are equipped with female or male screws. It includes a rod end joint bearing and a steel/brass spherical plain bearing. The inner ring of these bearings is made of steel and the outer ring is made of copper. Fix the bearing in place by riveting the bearing on both sides of the outer ring.

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