Spherical Plain Bearing Rod Ends

Spherical Plain Bearing Rod Ends

The vibration of rod end joint bearing is sensitive to the damage of rod end joint bearing, for instance peeling, indentation, rust, crack and wear will be reflected in the vibration measurement of rod end joint bearing; therefore, the size of vibration can be measured through the use of special...


Product Description

The rod end joint includes a bore head with an integral rod end forming a rod end seat for a spherical plain bearing. In general, rod end bearings have left or right female threads (inside) or male threads (outside).

As a standard, rod end bearings provided by SKF are equipped with threaded shanks with right threads. With the exception of rod end bearings with the designation suffix VZ019, all rod ends have left-hand threads. These bearings are identified by the model prefix L.

Rod end bearings can also be used for specific applications, such as applications where rod end bearings need to be secured to the end of a piston rod or to a hydraulic cylinder mount. For these applications, SKF produces rod end bearings with grooved shanks and compressible thread sections or with "weld shanks" (ie weldable to other components).

Please Note:

1.Do not scale drawing.
2. Unless otherwise specified, all dims are in inches.
3. Ball must move freely with fingers: no striction of movement.
4. Ball and Housing plating to withstand 96 hour salt spray test..
5. The Ball end play to be.002" maximum.
6. The Ball in-out play to be.003" maximum.
7.  Color of plating Clear means White or Silver color.
8. Ball and Housing plating must with stand 96 hr of salt spry test without any visible red rust.


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